We are a team of architects with additional education and a great interest in environmental design and energy efficiency. Being architects ourselves, we understand the importance of a strong architectural concept and how it can easily get lost when the project gets spread out between too many collaborators.

Our goal is firstly to understand your design concept and then help you develop it in a way that optimizes energy and resources use, while providing appropriate comfort conditions.


EN-EF concept will offer following services:

  • Participate in early design stage and provide guidelines regarding environmental aspects.¬†With proper architectural design (form, orientation of the openings, choice of materials, spatial organization) over-reliance on mechanical and electrical equipment can be avoided, which reduces the overall cost of the object.
  • Perform computer modeling and calculations of energy use, simulations concerning daylight access, shading, orientation impact, solar access, etc. These factors influence energy-efficiency as well as comfort and health of the occupants.
  • Submit a report on simulations results and give recommendations for further progress.
  • Compare several project variants, especially in the early design stages.
  • Follow the project development and analyze the impact of any changes made subsequently to the originally accepted solutions.


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