City Hall in the city of Stavanger is a 1960-s building, which the municipality is now considering for refurbishment and modernization. The proposed solution focuses on redefining building’s programme and internal organization in order to, at the same time, enlarge its social potential and reduce the energy demand.

The building is divided into 2 distinct zones: public and office spaces. Public zone is positioned on lower levels (1-4) and has significantly more public content than currently. This is achieved by relocating the offices from the levels 1-4 to levels 5-8, therefore freeing up floor space. It is possible to include these offices in the upper levels (and keep the existing number of offices as well) due to spatial reorganization and a more efficient use of space.

Apart from providing social benefits and a higher use of the building, zoning also ensures a more efficient use and distribution of energy for maintaining comfort of the occupants. The two zones have different scheduales of operation and also different comfort requirements.