EN-EF concept collaborating with the Faculty of Architecture in Novi Sad

Our company was invited to help 5th year students at Faculty of Architecture in Novi Sad develop their projects considering energy efficiency aspects. The studio “Architectural Design of Complex Programmes” this year worked on adaptation and possible alteration of the main train station in Novi Sad and its supporting facilities which are currently unused, such as the cinema, bar, restaurant, office spaces, many cargo depots, etc.  The projects will be used as a starting point for the official renovation strategy of the train station.

Ivan Kalc, partner at EN-EF concept was also invited as guest critic at mid-term and final studio presentations, together with Lazar Kuzmanov – a prominent architect from Novi Sad, Julka Majtan – retired architect, was included in the original train station project development, Miroslav Šilić – Assistant Professor at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and Ranko Vukobrat – Head of Railway Infrastructure, Novi Sad section.

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